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Smoking is not good, but there are a lot of people say that "not useless things to do with the life of the career," and nothing more than a lot of things are more than smokers, so smoking or not smoking, should weigh their own decisions. A person who smoking Newport 100s cigarettes, I do not know for stunt, or saved to buy tobacco money, often puffed smoke swallow belly, no pollution in the air, a few years this person infected with lung cancer. I smoked for decades, and finally changed to suck the fresh air. If in public places encountered a population in the smoke, or even straight to my front spray fog, I wince, the in the mind Secretly curse: "I used to be the Deputy please disliked the way!"

We are a nation that people are the most afraid of travel. Times of famine downtown refused to flee from famine easily, rather after hometown to eat grass eating bark swallow guanyintu, afraid to leave their homes, mid stream in the travel for starving, lose the rights and interests -- died. As to coddle oneself more reluctant to act rashly, a picture hanging on the wall, to see it as a "Spiritual Travel", the so-called "rather than to a static". To put it bluntly "under the sun there is no fresh food". Known as the mountain Kawa Gatakatsu, also is not a pile of stones one of those water? I remember pupils, suburban outing is a pile heartbeat, early on the preparatory, early in the morning, procession, Qing pennant, leader of the drum afterwards next week have as a "hiking", only a fait accompli. A trip is so solemn! My grandmother, life in the city of Hangzhou, over eighty years of age, not shopped a Xihu finally went to the time, but you can't walk, carried to the West Lake, there is no back, buried in the hills by the lake.