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This is probably the earliest I have seen cigarettes, and later came to the community, it is commonplace, only to know that many people may not really like the smoke, smoke boxes of high-end brands, but it is installed capacity. Watched a television drama, a appearance seems quite cultured female editor and several men play the man, home ashtray leave different brands of cigarette butts, her daughter see her jokes: "mother taste more low, from Newport to Marlboro cigarettes" When smoking become a brand, like to wear brand-name clothing, become a status symbol, if the children, as there is a bit naive, feel quite lovely and adults that remain vain, the pleasure of smoking is all gone, the taste of nature changed, full copper odor.

This is smoking, hobby, love that one, from the heart, not the truth, slowly sucked out of taste. When I was a child, watching movies, like smoking a pipe of men, preferably with a beard, that look, very manly, than shook his lupine Zhuge Liang more wisdom, more deep and sophisticated. Also like looked tired a day's grandfather, half lying on the Kang a blanket, under the banner of flint, burning of millet straw rods, pot pot to water pipe. Puffed, slowly spit smoke ring, thick, slowly drifting. Dark room, a flash of smoke. Hookah can only suck two, fierce blows out of ashes, and then put the pot, and then inhale, the most enjoyable. Nature, also likes to smoke the cigar man elegant calm, calm careless, it looked as if the great romantic poet Byron said: "give me a cigar. In addition, I wanted more than anything else." How cool. Later, seen some pretty talented and elegant ceiling slender white rod blue head women smoke, light clouds, shrouded in a, the scenery is very charming.

However, as a child, the scene of smoking is far away, forgotten. I never learned to smoke. Even in the most idle boring day, or the most helpless time, learned to drink, but never smoking blessing, whiff dizziness, smell can also. I smoke after boring tea, it is the universal law, not for everyone.