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Monday 22 August, 2016 | RSS Feed

The smell of smoke filled

In general the taste of home, home is the father of the cigarette smoke into my childhood. The time of the Spring Festival, is a rare joy, a busy year of farmers, forget to reward yourself. Red couplets, the savory dishes, noise of the bustling downtown, with people from morning to night busy working, clean the yard, the purchase of goods, with full of joy, welcomes the new year's coming. If I buy cigarettes, I will pay more attention to Newport cigarettes price.

In this busy crowd, nature has my father figure. His brow slightly gray, but still look so healthy, talking about love. Before I did not work, he is the home of a mountain, as if never fall, never with rickets waist, like Anhui's most famous welcoming pine stand proudly in there, he is always we rely on. A ray of light that I am familiar with can not be familiar with the taste, traction, and went to the yard of the house. I saw my father, he bustling about in the sun, a piece of smoke in front of him floated. I often buy cigarettes online. The smoke carton of Newports in the red flames makes me feel warm, I remember the first time you fireworks scene. It is the new year in 1999, I am ten years old, that night, "bang! Ba!" Blasted a lot of fireworks in the sky near my home, I looked at was very happy, hand kept patting my brother, a hand everywhere pointing. When I inadvertently, the father quietly put something on my side, patted my shoulder and said: "go, open to see." I hesitate to go forward, opened a black plastic bag, a red fireworks box appeared in front of me. Father let us put our own, I am afraid of fire, a few matches, but it will not burn out for a while.

Father from his pocket and took out the a yellow box, took out a cigarette from the inside, lit a cigarette, a mouthful of smoke cigarettes and coffee, fire core slowly burning is very slow, but at night is very bright. My father gave it to me. I hold it, smell it unique light smoke, strode steps toward the fireworks box that walks to, then find the fire plug, ignited and hurried away. Look at the dolphin fly into the sky and then open up the fireworks, I was extremely happy. Father came to me and said, "son, do well, like a brother.". Come on, give me a cigarette." I stared, handed a cigarette. This has some extinguish the cigarette butts, in father smoked one showing the red flames, let me feel warm, full of strength and joy. From that time on, I was willing to try new things, in the face of difficulties will not avoid. This is my first time to see the printed in yellow smoke shell "welcoming pine" mark, and that yellow mountain cigarette case is also deeply imprinted in my mind.

EastEnders' Danny-Boy Hatchard leaving show as Lee Carter writte

Actor Danny-Boy Hatchard is departing Albert Square as his character Lee Carter is being written out of EastEnders. Danny-Boy has played Danny Dyer’s on-screen son in the soap since 2014. A spokeswoman said: “We can confirm that Danny-Boy Hatchard will be leaving EastEnders. Danny-Boy has been a great addition to the cast and we wish him all the best for the future.” The news comes days after the soap confirmed actress Rita Simons will leave the show after nine years as Roxy Mitchell. Last week Samantha Womack, who plays her on-screen sister Ronnie Mitchell, also confirmed she is departing. An EastEnders source said: “This was a tough decision for bosses but sometimes to create big storylines characters need to come and go. “Danny-Boy is an extremely dedicated and versatile actor as well as a hugely popular member of the cast, but with the story they want to play it takes Lee Carter to the end of his time in Walford.

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