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Once, I stole changed the results. When I told my parents carefully test scores, parents saw the face expression of joy when my heart glad Ye ashamed. Later, I confess this to the teacher all the time not long ago sobbing sound. I had to do, because his father seem to find the problem, warned me that he was going to school to inquire about my accomplishments. And I still did not recognize, but came to the teacher cried. I'm afraid, not afraid of his father severely reprimanded, but afraid to see him disappointed eyes again. Teacher stroked my head kindly tell me this score he lent me, but next time I gave him to a real good. After all, the father did not go to school, I think perhaps he was afraid to lose discovered the truth after this rare pleasure, he would rather believe that his son did not lie to him. And I, but in any case I can not be happy.

Father is not smoke, but under special circumstances occasionally a point. Not hard to imagine the number of special circumstances occur father smoking is directly proportional to the number of times with my exams even equal. Count, if my father only smoke four best Marlboro cigarettes a year, it must be because I took the test four back again this year. But in the end I failed them, I did not have a good result to my teacher, and father eventually picked up a cigarette and let the smoke permeates every corner of this gloomy house. Some mothers have started to cough, but I still sit very steady, his eyes staring those ashes on the ground.

I finally decided to break the silence, and the house full of smoke makes me even more strongly the desire to smoke, so I immediately uttered a father never imagined the words:. "Dad, I want to smoke Marlboro cigarettes," I'm not finished after dare to see my father, but I can imagine his look surprised expression, then I do not know this expression will be transformed into understanding or helpless. Just remember my father still did not speak for several seconds after the finish, the mother hesitated to say they do not know what to say, I took a walk on the dark balcony cigarette smoked with breathing. Remember the night when the cold wind, I want to jump as much as a kind of sudden impulse, imagine the kind of gliding, wind whistling in my ears feel. Then I as much as a trace of pleasure. After all, I did not do, because I have the courage, not afraid of death, but the fear of losing my people can not lose me. But they may have to know that they're doing is great pains to put their children into the cliff. I believe that one day, we will not be silent.

Comfort dogs and handlers among victims of Joplin, Mo., shooting

Comfort dogs have become a familiar sight for communities and families ravaged by gun violence. This weekend, they became inadvertent victims.
Two golden retrievers from a Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog unit and their human handlers were among those wounded in a random shooting spree in Joplin, Mo., on Saturday morning, officials say.
A van carrying the dogs had just left Immanuel Lutheran Church in Joplin shortly after 5 a.m. when it was hit by gunfire from a suspect police were pursuing.
The church van’s driver, Kenneth Eby, received multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the chest; Heidi Gustin, who was riding in the back seat, was struck in the arm. Both were transported to a hospital where they underwent surgery. Eby is listed in critical but stable condition; Gustin is in serious but stable condition.
A third passenger, Karen Mech, sustained cuts from shrapnel, police said. Her injuries were considered minor. The dogs — Jackson and Louie — were also struck by gunfire. Jackson was grazed in the flap of his ear, while Louie took a bullet in his neck. Louie underwent surgery to remove the slug and is now recovering. The suspect, 26-year-old Tom Mourning, then fired at a pickup truck, injuring the driver and a passenger, before surrendering to police. He was later charged with multiple counts of armed criminal action, assault in the first degree and unlawful use of a weapon, according to the Joplin Globe.
Police Capt. Bob Higginbotham told the Associated Press that there was no apparent motive for the shootings, which began after the suspect’s father called police to report the suspect was firing rounds at their home. Police responded to the home and then began pursuing the suspect’s vehicle when Mourning opened fire on the church van.
“We’re used to deploying our dogs to respond to these senseless shootings,” Lutheran Church Charities president Tim Hetzner told Yahoo News. “We were just in Orlando and Dallas.”
The comfort dogs were placed in Joplin following the E-5 tornado that tore through the southwest Missouri city, killing more than 150 people.
“Jackson and Louie are well known in that community,” Hetzner said.
To help the injured handlers and comfort dogs cope, six dogs (Chewie, Luther, Jeremiah, Olive, Jessy and Rufus) from three states have been dispatched to Joplin and were expected to arrive Sunday morning.

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