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Tuesday 09 August, 2016 | RSS Feed

Insomnia with a Marlboro Cigarette

From the vague outline of infiltration some cool in the wind outside the window, the window gap in many cold, too chilly chill in my naked body aroused fine a knot in one's heart, the window is still gray not see clearly, things in a chaos, my glasses fell on the table on the edge of the carpet, too lazy to pick up, I am sit in the increasingly vague world seems to meditation, and in fact, what did not think, withered leaves is suddenly frantic wind hit the window out subtle crackle, but let me create their own world to pull away, burning a parliament cigarette, suck a mouthful of cold tea, I in the curl of smoke more No drowsiness.

Subconsciously I close my eyes, not to face the father lost eyes, it is like a shadow refused to disperse, so I work hard to close your eyes tightly. In fact I know, no matter how hard would be futile. I want to open, but still have the courage. I am afraid to face the reality, just like playing games the children are afraid of the teacher was found in the classroom.I often pay attentions to cloves cigarettes.

When I opened my eyes when I use the most direct way to resist the fear also broke the silence of the night. Although I know there will be a lot of people hate to roar on me this night tearing sound, but I think, in this quiet terrifying night, hope with me cry tore heart people not in the minority. I believe that one day, we will not be silent. I will choose maverick cigarettes, like Newport and Marlboro cigarettes. People could not sleep habit looking for something to pass too boring time, in the slow velocity I used to use words to a pile of pile of complicated emotions, before is handwritten, like the kind of NIB whirling the rustle of paper, I think a fan art children, now with the increasing reliance on high-tech, especially the emergence of input method, unexpectedly gradually abandoned once deep capital, putting pen to forget the word the hopeless situation, crackling keyboard although does not like, but convenient let I this lazy and want to strike can not. Do you often pay attention to the brands of cigarettes.

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