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Wednesday 03 August, 2016 | RSS Feed

Smoking Marlboro red When I missing You

"What day is love sickness known? This time this night." When you want to, want to light a cigarette, do not know what to burn may be lonely, perhaps, is love, is probably a bitter taste. When people say is beautiful Acacia, Acacia like the deep sea, the news such as far, like Southern red beans, in the quiet in the accumulation of a feeling. Some people say that love is bitter, like unsweetened coffee, astringent, and hides the sweet temptation.

The more lonely more want to smoke Marlboro flavors. I know many girls hate the smell of burning tobacco. I know that smoking is harmful to health, a cloud of incense after spit out what. Hey! Another way to.

Quiet night, a tall building across the window lights all went out. Looking at the dark shadows of buildings, quietly lit a cigarette, burning my lonely and lonely. The lighter lights flash, I couldn't resist the impulse to think of you. Only the faint light, I outline your eyes, lips light spit smoke Marlboro weed cigarettes, diffuse out of your appearance, reach out and touch your face, but not catch you. Lit a cigarette, said this is a conscious act, is said to be into a deep thinking of the day, I don't want to share as clear, the world has a lot of things is supposed to be fuzzy, even confused down. As the slowly rising smoke, in front of a hazy, there is no need to see everything. Through life, not the life of their. Like now, your shadow I even moments are not catch, was never bored with, no matter how the years change, always can't change I kind of thought, a clumsy, a kind of care, in the dream of the night, you are my only.

Long, long time, listening to Jiang Yuheng sing a song the smoking cessation as you ", a monologue for a long long of a song, the sorrow Wan and sad melody and period with magnetic, deep and mournful monologue, deeply let my heart much touched. But with the passage of time, I do not remember all the monologue, but still makes me sad, makes me very yearning. Yes, "if you quit smoking Marlboro red cigarettes", and want to go easier said than done, is easier said than done for you inside rich. Sing like the song that you like smoke, get in by every opening and everywhere. So, think of you at night, I light a Marlboro cigarette.

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